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Check here for TIPS and BEST PRACTICES from your Whitman County EMS MPD. The following information is for general reference only and is not part of the Whitman County EMS Protocols. This information does not supercede protocols. Licensed EMS providers can only perform within their licensed scope of practice. 

Interested in submitting a question or topic to TIPS and BEST PRACTICES?  Send an email to the MPD with your question by sending an email to < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. >  with subject line < ASK-THE-MPD >. In the email please inlcude both your agency and your name as these are required to verify Whitman County Agency membership only. Your name and agency will not be published and will remain confidential.



You can purchase BVMs with or without “built in” peep valves and it is also possible to buy peep valves that fit regular BVMs. There is no harm adding PEEP while bagging someone and I recommend using it. It is quite easy to use and improves oxygenation.